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215GodBeatz - Interview

1. Tell us your rap name and where are you from?

My name is 215god Beats (f.k.a. Street$) and I'm a Producer/Artist that resides in Philadelphia, PA

2. What made you start making music?

Rap wise, I was channel flicking one day in 2003, 50 Cent's 'In Da Club' video came on Rap City. I was astounded by his flow and how he brought bounce with a gangsta swag. The rest is history.

Producer wise, in 2013 (my 10th year rapping), my bro Mellow Mod called me over weekend after work, said he had a surprise. At first I'm thinking bottles and weed. This guy tells me "bro I make beats now!" My jealous self looking like "the f#<k?!" Even though Mod became one of my in-house producers, he fuelled me to start making beats.

3. Who are your influences?

50 Cent, Fetty Wap, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Metro Boomin, Roddy Ricch, Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, Two-9, Dreamville, Meek Mill, 808 Mafia, NAV, Post Malone & Future. Too many to name.

4. What is your take on the underground rap scene right now?

First off, I would be nothing without it. It's f*#<¡ng awesome! There's you guys, Clonefluence, Support Art, Creative's Only, Wave Junkeys & a lot more creatives and coalitions making lit music. Times may be hard, but the music still there.

5. What are your goals for 2019 regarding music? 

· Becoming a better human & producer

· Progressing with my worldofmetrvpoli$ label (which we just became a Gold plaque collective thanks to my partner Falcon)

· Placement with SimxSantana & Fetty Wap

· Getting signed with 808 Mafia

6. You have 1 person to thank who would it be? 

My cousin Jo-Kane who showed me Parametric EQ in Fl Studio. S#!+ changed my life

7. What is your process for recording music ? 

Make a beat or buy a beat (depending on my mood), write to it, record it upon completion and mix/master.

Engineering wise is the same, I usually don't go to artists unless they are prepared.

8. Any upcoming projects or singles fans should be getting ready for?

So before I reveal this info, just know y'all the only ones I'll leave this EXCLUSIVE news:

Flordia's own Trill Bazz & I are collaborating for a 2020 EP: GodZilly. A combination of my name (God) & Trill Bazz latest project (Zilly The Kid). Also sounds close to Godzilla so we getting crazy on this. I'll be doing all production, Trill Bazz & features will appear as the vocalist. No release date yet though.

9. What is your favorite part about being an artist/musician/rapper? 

Collaborations. Bringing value to others with my skills and hearing new artists on my beats.

10. What impact do you want to have on the world?

That I can teach the next generations to value and invest in their fellow creatives with no loose ends. To show them that there is a way out if you bet on yourself and everyone around that will roll the dice for the same risks as you. I almost gave up for good this year. I'm still rolling the dice with nothing to lose but myself. So I'm still in it to win it.

11. What are your ambitions with music is this just a hobby or is this a full blown 24/7 lifestyle your embodying?

It will soon to be a 24/7 lifestyle. Right now like most of us, I have to unfortunately work a 9-5 to pay for my bills & music. But once it all pays off, I will be 25/8 on this music s#!t.

12. Who is your favorite artist in the rap game right now and why?

SimxSantana. Watching a young fellow Philadelphian with God gifted talent rise above all odds, become the hottest in the city, and got to where a lot of us want to be. Deserves it, guy makes crazy hits!

13. what does the music you create make you feel?

It brings a high greater than the best strands you could smoke. That's what my music basically is. A high. If I can't roll or smoke to it, I don't wanna even hear or make it (word to my homie Big Fish).

14. why is music so important and dear to your heart ?

It saved my life. I been in dark places with myself all my life. I just started seeing the light thanks to years of music.

15. Taking this as a passion what works best with you for endeavors you may face (regarding to music)?

Keep god first (as told by Murda Beatz), stay true to you, stay down, rep your set and day 1s who was riding with you from ground zero, and just know it won't come in a flash. It's a lot to do & alot to learn.

16. whats your best collaboration experience with another artist or producer?

Damn. That's tough. I'll have to say working with Southside D. That's my brother on & off the net. Whenever he hit me up, it's time to work. He's values my worth when I don't. If I trash something, he'll tweet me "Don't trash anymore. Send them thru!" That's my guy. Real 1 from the mud. We def getting placements 2020

17. who does all of your cover art or do you make your own?

Both. I do 90% of mine & my labels artwork. The only guys I trust besides that is my in-house @mentalzdesigns or my guy @L1FEGFX (who also does my AMVs)

18. who makes most of your beats or production?

2020, I plan on doing all production for projects I release. If it's not my beat I still got beats I leased from NiNETy8, NoahCuz, Bluff Gawd, deedoubleyou, highfonics and a few more

19. who is one artist you wish to work on music with and why?

Sorry X. She is just so lit! Her new video "Wishes" should be out by the time this interview up.

20. who is one producer you wish to work with and why?

CREAM from 808 Mafia. His vibes be hitting different on the trap beats. That's a lab I'm willing to pay for. He slept on for real.

21 do you have any upcoming shows in the next couple months ?

Well since I transitioned to production into the last year I been going to shows as a fan more so than artist.

22 for people who havent heard of you what sets you apart from other artists?

I'm as real as it gets. Whether we on the internet or live on the set, I'm a always be authentic and you can hear it through my music. The beats I choose just set the mood. But when I go in, it's like a midnight club race, it's a hell of a ride.

23 at the end of the day what does music mean to you ?

It's everything. It's life. Without it I'm basically nothing.

24. Any live shows or projects you got coming up?Like I said, y'all heard it first: GodZilly 2020. Trill Bazz, produced by 215god Beats. We got some surprise guest for the project but we can't spoil it all you know.

25. Where can the people that checked out this interview find you?

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