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4everuknown - party till were dead (prod. j netti)

artist 4everunknown links up with producer J-NETTI for the track titled "party till were dead". This song is so fucking good, from the beat J-NETTI came up with that is just so experimental and different. It's super spacey and then when 4everunknown comes in its really great, his vocals flow so well over the beat with his cadences and flow he used. I think overall this song is a 10/10 for only 3 days old and already garnering almost 100 likes and 1,000 plays, this song will do numbers. This song really is catchy with the hook, you can play this at a function, in the whip, or by yourself it can apply anywhere and its just a great tune. Take a listen and you will think the same i promise, be sure to follow both artist and producer on soundcloud and twitter for future music endeavors.

listen to "party till were dead" below:

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