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A.Dub - Interview

1. Tell us your rap name and where are you from?

I go by A.Dub. It's a combination of my first and last name, (Anthony Williams). I was born and raised in San Diego, California, and I am so thankful for it.  

2. What made you start making music?

Music has helped me throughout my entire life. I remember when I was about 9 or 10 my dad showed me Eminem’s “Cleaning Out My Closet” for the first time and I fell in love. I had it on repeat. From then on I was lip synching Eminem’s songs in my living room for my entire family. It was crazy to me how he could tell an entire story in such a short amount of time, and have so much emotion attached to it. I also liked different types of rock, pop, reggae, basically anything that had a melody. Then about a year later my brother showed me Mac Miller’s “Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza” music video and I grew and even deeper appreciation for music. It wasn’t until I was about 14 that I decided I wanted to make music. My friends and I put on an instrumental one day and started free styling. They said I was pretty good so I started writing lyrics over some popular beats. They said I was even better when writing so I kept doing it. I had been through and lot and was still going through it, and I found it as the perfect outlet for what I was feeling. It helped me vent, and gave a feeling of satisfaction when I wrote something that I thought was a bar. It was never about being a rapper or the fame and money. I started because I was hurting, and music helped.  

3. Who are your influences?

My biggest influence is definitely Mac Miller. His lyricism, and flows are always on point to me, and I love the fact he doesn’t limit himself when making a song. He makes what he is feeling, and thats what music is about to me. Im also heavily influenced by Earl Sweatshirt, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Frank Ocean. They don’t try to be “good”, they just be themselves. Thats what I do in my music. I don’t force anything. I don’t try to fit in with the sound of right now. I make MY music, just like they do. Depending on my mood and the beat, I can be influenced by any number of artists, from any number of genres. That being said, the ones I have named are my biggest influences. 

4. What is your take on the underground rap scene right now? 

The rap scene in general right now is hard to describe, and thats partly due to my lack of knowledge or interest. Aside from the bigger artists, I've found my search for underground music to be pretty boring and repetitive, which is probably going to make some people upset. I will take some blame because I haven’t searched very hard, but the surface wasn’t showing much promise. And from what I have seen (on twitter specifically), there is too much fake love. Not everybody can be a rapper, and I'm all for following your dream, but if you're doing it because you think you could make a generic song that everybody has heard 100 times and blow up, then you shouldn’t be a rapper. I feel like every time I click on a snippet or song, it's either bad or something i've heard before. And thats because people want to do what they know is popular at the moment. But then again, I was never that invested in the scene. 

5. What are your goals for 2019 regarding music? 

One goal I have is to have a music video for every song in the newest mixtape I dropped titled, “I’m Insane”. All the videos will connect to reveal one bigger plot. Unfortunately it wont fully  make sense until all the videos are done because i’m not releasing them in order. I want people wondering, and using their own imagination as to what happened before or what will happen next. Along with those, I have a couple other music videos I am working on. 

6. You have 1 person to thank who would it be? 

My second mom Kristy for buying me recording equipment when I had no money. She helped more than she could know. 

7. What is your process for recording music ? 

I start with a beat. I’ll find a beat that I like and that fits my mood, and I’ll know I have something If I hear a melody in my head. The melodies I hear already have the enunciations and basic words that would flow best on the beat. So it really starts all in my head. Once I have a fully written song, I’ll practice it for a couple days, sit on it for a day or two, and make sure that I really like it. By then I will know how the end product is going to sound. Then I record the main track, stack that with the same energy, record an emphasize track of key words or phrases, and finally I do the ad-libs. Depending on the song, I may do two or three takes of ad-libs, or stack the main vocals another time with a different tone or energy. Whatever I hear in my head is what I put into Logic. When its all recorded I listen to the raw version to see if I can work with it. Once I decide it’s good I get to mixing and mastering. I always sit on the song for at least a week, and I listen to it every morning, afternoon, and night, on repeat, on any and every device. Usually I will be working on something else while sitting on a song, so its easier to come back to it with fresh ears. Once I think its done, I send it to some friends to see what they think. From there on there’s no telling when or how the song will be released. 

8. Any upcoming projects or singles fans should be getting ready for? 

I just released a mixtape titled “I’m Insane” on Soundcloud, and every song with eventually have a music video. Follow me for updates on the videos!! 

9. What is your favorite part about being an artist/musician/rapper? 

My favorite part of being an artist is being able to turn your creativity into a reality. Anything you're feeling or any idea you have can be turned into art. It’s also very special to be able to help people going through a tough time when they can’t find the words for how they are feeling. Being able to put out music that helps people the way that music has helped me is a huge part of making music. 

10. What impact do you want to have on the world? 

Like I said, I want to help people through music. Somebody out there can relate to what I'm going through, and if I can help at least one person, then it’ll give both of us reassurance that we aren’t alone. It makes life easier knowing the you don't have to go through it alone. That's what I never hold back with my music. You cant help somebody if you cant be real with them. I put my heart and my brain into my music for the world to hear. I don’t want people to be afraid to be themselves, or to have feelings, so maybe hearing somebody else share theirs might help them.

11. What are your ambitions with music is this just a hobby or is this a full blown 24/7 lifestyle your embodying? 

Music is my life. I can’t see myself doing anything else and I’m going after it for as long as possible. 

12. Who is your favorite artist in the rap game right now and why? 

J.I.D. His flows are ridiculous, his lyrics are good, he has diverse music, and a unique voice. You can tell he has worked on his craft and go good at it. 

13. What does the music you create make you feel?

The music I create makes me feel better about the situation I am in. It puts it into words and almost gives a sense of relief. It always brings pure joy and excitement when a song comes out exactly how I imagined it. I could be going hard to a banger a made or in my feels with a  simp song I made and be equally thrilled with the result. Music just makes me feel. 

14. why is music so important and dear to your heart ?

Music saved my life and has taught me many lessons throughout life. It's helped me cope, helped me forget, helped me forgive, helped me love, helped me cry, it’s the greatest thing on the planet. It allows people to connect on a deep level without ever actually talking. Without the amount of music I was able to listen to as a child, I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. There’s no telling how I would’ve turned out if I didn’t have Mac Miller’s “Faces” or Earls “I Don't Like Sh*t I Don’t Go Outside”. Or how I would feel without Frank Oceans "Chanel Orange". Theres nothing that compares to a good song. 

15. Taking this as a passion what works best with you for endeavors you may face (regarding to music)? 

If I have something to say about something, I will most likely put it in a song. It could be a song I will never release, but it will be written down and id be able to track it out. My mindset is to never stop trying, so what works best with me is try, whether its the same thing or something new. 

16. whats your best collaboration experience with another artist or producer?

My favorite artists to make songs with are Larry Bay and Pretty Ricky. We’ll be in the studio looking for a beat and somebody will bust out a chorus or a quick flow and from then on it’s just us having fun and geeking over how good the song we’re making is. We will have a song done in a  day and already be on to the next one. That’s what I love about home studios, free studio time. 

17. who does all of your cover art or do you make your own?

I like to browse different options of cover arts on twitter. I also just ask people I know, my friend goes to school for graphic design (I think) and I asked him to make the cover for “Im Insane”, and he dove in excited and made something beautiful. Ive had many people make my cover artwork and I will continue to explore options because everybody has something different to offer. 

18. who makes most of your beats or production? 

I also browse different producers, but I do have some main people I go to. All of my “Winner's Circle” and “Winner’s Circle 2” beats were made by DJ Wonderbred, and we have more on the way. I also enjoy Chxse Banks beats and beats from Mixtape Seoul. Im not very picky with beats. If I vibe to it then I vibe to it, and something will happen with it. 

19. who is one artist you wish to work on music with and why?

I want to work with Lil Wayne because he would push me to do better than I ever have before because of how good he is. Either way the song would be a banger because Lil Wayne is the goat. I would do my best work if I was on a song with him, and I feel like he could improve the bars that I were working on. 

20. who is one producer you wish to work with and why?

I want to work with Metro because I really need him to trust me. 

21 do you have any upcoming shows in the next couple months ?

I have The Showcase Tour Finale coming up on September 1st. I have a chance to win $50,000 and a U.S. Tour. The tickets are pinned to my profile! 

22 for people who havent heard of you what sets you apart from other artists?

I dont try to fit in, and I dont make music I think people will like. I make music I like and that I think could help people. 

23 at the end of the day what does music mean to you ?


24. Any live shows or projects you got coming up?

The Showcase Tour and music videos!

25. Where can the people that checked out this interview find you? 

Twitter @oADUBo

Instagram @A.Dub08

Spotify and Soundcloud - A.DubMusic

Videos on Youtube - Wilborn Films

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