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Andrea$ - Not Right

Andrea$ not only came through on production for this track but also compatible lyrics anyone could enjoy! This song is a hit from the very first second it begins, with a killer intro Andreas lays the foundation for the rest of the track to unfold. His production on this was very good and i am truly impressed by his structure of the song and just overall a 10/10 in my book. He did everything right on this song for sure, with more stuff like this in the year Andrea$ will have a great year ahead of him!

Here are words by Andrea$ you need to hear.

"Not Right" is a continuation off of the last album that I dropped before Christmas, "One Last Time". OLT, was the transition from the old me to the new me, "Not Right" is a battle between my two sides. The intro and chorus is the 2018 version of me. The 1st and 2nd verse is who I've become. I told myself that when the New Year comes, it would be time to let go of everything. While I've done that, I've felt the old me coming back from before I was ever in a relationship. That old me is reckless.

listen to the song "not right" below:

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