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Andrea$ - One Last Time

Artist Andreas brings us a explosive sixteen song project that has highs & lows throughout for the young artist. Andreas has an amazing explanation for the way he set up this album which i will leave for him to tell you later. Royal Rap was very impressed with this project after taking a full detailed listen to the project. "One Last Time" has HITS on this project with songs like "One Last Try", "Can't You See?", "Rise To The Riches", "Like Woah", & "Reality Shift" are just a couple off of this project that really stuck out to me. Overall i really like what Andrea$ did with this project and his whole reasoning behind it too. Andrea$ is a young artist who is full of wonderful potential and i can't wait to hear more great music from this artist in the future.

a detailed description of "one last time" from Andrea$:

"One Last Time has been split up into two parts. The first half of the album is the original concept (the old me). It was supposed to be titled "One Last Try". My one last try to win her back, but a lot has changed since then and I've learned a lot. I learned a lot of techniques that I implemented into the album that have all fixed me. I'm no longer broken. I'm no longer the man I was before. That's where the new concept came up. My "One Last Time" being the person that I was. I took steps back into my old skin to really finish the first half of the album and then I went right into the man I'm becoming on the second half. I implemented a lot of musical techniques that I used on myself. These helped heal me and I hope they heal those who need it. I am no longer the sad, depressed kid that I used to be. I'm much more than that now and I'm finally glad to say that I am doing a lot better."

listen to "One Last Time" below:

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