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AreWhyAyN - Sensei

The 23 Year Kalamazoo Michigan native AreWhyAyN drops off the track "Sensei". This chill ambient vibe from the artist showcases his lyrical ability. I like the overall mix for this track, it suites his voice well. The beat is cold and goes hand to hand with how AreWhyAyN brought his delivery for this song. The artist has been writing lyrics since he was fifteen years old!

"This song "Sensei" is about my childhood and growing up in a frantic mindset, being pulled in 4 different directions i never knew what i wanted to do with my life, music is therapy to me now i use it as a method of speaking my mind and freeing myself of all the bullshit. i appreciate every listen and play that it gets!" - AreWhyAyN

Twitter: @R_Munther @RoyalRap__

Listen to "Sensei" below:

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