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BCray - Self Love Ft. Kay Gypsy


Self Love

Ft. Kay Gypsy


BCray comes through with the chill relaxed vibes on this one. The production is flawless with different bending sounds and synths that really morph the foundation of this track. Once the track begins slowly you start to hear the angelic voice of Kay Gypsy, who truly leaves her mark on this track. BCray comes through with the vocals on the verse, where they truly come in great form laying down a story lined verse that will leave you wanting more. Then the hook is operated by Gyspy again to finish out the track. Overall this track from start to finish is a 10/10 i really loved everything about this track. I hope to hear more music made by these two together in the future as well. Be sure to follow them on Twitter!


listen to "self love" below:

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