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BEAMON - Fall From Home

Beamon is back with one of his best projects to date titled “Fall From Home”. The project is twenty four tracks long and has a unique twist and bend of styles that Beamon does well. This was a full swan dive into a new project by Beamon, it came with some great moments and this project overall is a must hear project. We have been covering his music for some time now and believe is one of those artists who is only a track away from blowing up. The way Beamon carries himself throughout his music leaves the listener only wanting more. The Royal Rap team listened to the entire project in 3 different sessions as twenty four tracks is quite a lot to dissect. Our favorite tracks off the project include "A Winter Evening", "Angel God", "God Of The Winter", "Working At The Clock Tower", & "Dark Crystals". Be sure to follow him on both SoundCloud and Twitter to support his on going career. The Beamon continues to expand his territory on this new album "Fall From Home" it is one that will leave any listener impressed.

Twitter: @TheBeamon @RoyalRap__

Listen To “Fall From Home” Below:

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