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@bLaIsEbLaNcO @YKGenre & @DylanParx - SlutGang Freestyle

@blaiseblanco, @ykgenre, & @dylanparx link up for the "SlutGang Freestyle". The track is a banger that features artist from Bergen County New Jersey. A county in New Jersey that hosts a wide array of talented musicians that continue to be popping up. Love the mix on this track and the vocals done by everyone on this song, its very good. The hook is incredible and all the verses capitalize off the beat.

"VVS's Diamonds Really On Me I Just Wanna Shine!"

Each artist bring their own flare to the track which keeps the listener interested and in the zone. This is my first time hearing of this collective and am very excited to hear more from this camp in the future. Be sure to follow them all on Twitter and SoundCloud for future songs.


listen to "SlutGang Freestyle" below:

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