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BOMBA - Interview

1. Tell us your rap name and where are you from?

My artist name is BOMBA, born in Germany but born in Portugal.

  2. Why did you start making music?

In 2009 I started with music, then made 40 songs.  At the beginning of 2019, I again took everything in hand and wants to approach it professionally.

  3. Who are your influences?

I get influences from: Kay One, Pietro Lombardi, Maluma, Nicky Jam

  4. How do you feel about the underground rap scene right now?

I like a lot of underground rappers better than seasoned rappers, because you see that they are hungry and fight for the dream as I do with passion.

  5. What are your goals for 2019 in terms of music?

My goal for 2019 was to make professional music and establish myself.  I have already achieved more in 2019 as I have planned.  You always have to set goals.

  6. You have 1 person to thank who it would be?

Rafael Costa

  7. How do you record music?

I'm going to a friend named Embo who is producer.  It is a professional recording studio with very good equipment.

  8. Which upcoming projects or singles should fans prepare for?

Very good projects will hit the market in the near future.  Many singles, music videos and live performances follow.

  9. What is your favorite pastime as an artist / musician / rapper?

I like to listen to beats and always try to make something good out of it.  It is important for me to write songs that others can easily sing and feel like dancing.  Of course, I also want to bring a message over to people.

  10. What influence do you want to have on the world?

BOMBA, with its rhythmic Latino sounds packed in Latino Locos, wants to positively touch and delight people.

  11. What are your ambitions with music?  Is this just a hobby or is this a full-fledged 24/7 lifestyle you embody?

It's more like a hobby for me it's my passion.  In live performances one sees that I feel it and live.  I want to be able to live from my music and help my family and the people where help is needed.  Every good deed comes back twice.

  12. Who is currently your favorite rap artist and why?

Right now it's Kay One, because he's separated from all people to make his own style without anyone in between sparks.  I love who artists go their own way.

  13. What do you feel about the music you are creating?

I feel love, passion and good mood.  My music brings me down from everyday life and gives me life force, that's exactly what I want to convey to the people.  Do what you enjoy without ulterior motives.  Believe in you and you can do anything with the right will.

  14. Why is music so important and expensive for your heart?

Music liberates, music makes you happy.  When I'm in front of the microphone, I completely turn off and feel what I do with passion.

  15. Take this as a passion, what fits your best efforts (in terms of music)?

Fight, love, mediate to fellow human beings and continue to help on their life path.

  16. What's your best experience working with another artist or producer?

Through projects with other artists, I've expanded myself and expanded my voice.  Mutual help is important and one should be loyal.  I feel flattered when I see other people going to my music and celebrating it.

  17. Who makes all your cover or do you make your own?

I have a good friend named Gringo Production who makes my covers and music videos.  From this work, a friendship has developed.

  18. Who makes the most of your beats or your production?

I buy many beats.  In production, Embo from Cubesounddesign helped me a lot and constantly improved me.  This has made us both stronger and better.

  19. With which artist do you want to make music together and why?

I would like to work with Kay One or Pietro Lombardi together as it is going in my direction and I think it would work well.  Since they are also strong fighters, it would fit me perfectly.

  20. Which producer do you want to work with and why?

I would like to meet Dr.  Dre work so that I can expand and do a very good job.

  21 do you have any shows in the next few months?

Yes, I had 13 appearances this year, and this year I still have 2 plus a New Year's Eve live performance.

  22 for people who have never heard of you, what sets you apart from other artists?

I'm doing something completely new and especially something own.  It is important to me to have my own influences and to bring something new to the market.

  23 at the end of the day what does music mean to you?

Music is my life, without music I could not live anymore.

  24. Are there live shows or projects you have planned?

There are enough plans and performances.  Next year in March we are planning a performance with 2 star singers where I will play as a support act.

  25. Where can the people who checked out this interview find you?

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, youtube and all streaming music portals.  Just enjoy it and join in, so that we can make something big together.

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