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CAM [photographer] - interview 44

1. Tell us your name and where are you from?

I am Cameron Reed, I’m a photographer from Houston, Texas. @camvisualart

2. What made you start taking photography ? 

  It was about about a year ago, I picked up a camera, and started to use it. My first love was sports, but I always wanted to do something with filming or photography and that was what I went with. 

3. Who are your influences in photography ? 

  My influences are Rayscorruptedmind Travis Scott’s photographer and Gunner Stahl a young black photographer who has worked with a lot of celebrities and has his own look book as well.

4. What is your take on the underground photography scene right now? 

We have a lot of good photographers, especially coming out of Houston. I feel like we have made a presence and we can become a powerhouse rivaling L.A and N.Y one day. 

5. What are your goals for 2019 regarding photography?

To make good art and to get recognized by a magazine or a celebrity.

6. You have 1 person to thank who would it be? 

It would be God and my mom it has been us for the longest time. 

7. What is your process for shooting?

   I just think about can I make it real, and does it represent me as a person. I put everything into my art. I have made a way into this game. 

8. Any upcoming projects fans should be getting ready for? 

I got some heat coming soon, I’m doing a series and it’s gonna be for the youth. Shot by me, it’s gonna really capture what it feels like growing up in Houston, Texas in 2019.

9. What is your favorite part about being an photographer ? 

That I can be myself and create something I love for everyone. Not everyone will like my art,but for those that do I know that it moves them in a different way.

10. What impact do you want to have on the world? 

To change it with my art. We have to many people that want to change the world but never do. I wanna spread my messages far beyond pictures I wanna be able to share a positive message to everyone touching on everything.

11. What are your ambitions with photography is this just a hobby or is this a full blown 24/7 lifestyle your embodying? 

It’s a lifestyle I’m trying to make . No one is going to stop me from becoming what I am destined to be. Whether they like it or not.

12. Who is your favorite artist in the rap game right now and why? 

I would say Travis Scott he influences me. He is from where I am from, and he doesn’t rap about the same average stuff you hear. It is different and that is why some people dislike it. 

13. what does the photos you create make you feel?

Like I can be myself, nobody can tell you what you can do. I can express myself and my emotions freely in my art. My photos are apart of me.

14. why is photography so important and dear to your heart ?

Because, when I first started nobody excepted me except for a few people. At first nobody was rocking with my pics, but I keep my grind at it and I just worked til I got here. Nobody gave me nothing. I still think on slept on at times, but they will wake up soon.

15. Taking this as a passion what works best with you for endeavors you may face (regarding to Photography )? 

Just not listen to the haters. People will tell you, you can’t do something but they cannot do it themselves. As long as what your doing is by pure intentions and makes you happy that is what is important.

16. Whats your best collaboration experience with another photographer or model?

 I would say all my models. Shoutout to Jaden, Mitchell, Jayden, DJ, Morgan, Elise, Chidera,Richard, Cole, SaintJordo, Presley, Davahn, Angie, Sacè, Ethan, Sam,Shawn, Eli, Cameron ,Neezy ,and Chloe. Also all the people I will work with soon. I haven’t  collaborated with any photographers yet but I will soon. 

17.For people who havent heard of you what sets you apart from other Photographers ?

I make real art, I’m not trying to be cocky, but I put everything I have into my photos. I want to create the best photos that I can. Nothing I do is ever lazy. 

18. At the end of the day what does photography mean to you ?

It taught me about life. It taught me to be myself. It taught me to be my biggest supporter. It taught me that life is what you make it. It taught me that no matter what anyone says they don’t know you and they don’t know your story. They see 1 dimensional, only what they can easily understand. Finally, it taught me hard work pays off.

19. Does your family support you with photography?

Yes, they do 100%

20. At the end of the day when it comes to photography we are in your world when looking at photos by you...what type of vibe does your photo(s) bring ?

Everything from where I’m from Houston, Texas to what me and my artist bring to life. I shoot everything. The vibe is raw and pure talent and art. Much Love.


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