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Cash Yen - The Yen Files [EP]


"The long anticipated E.P."

"In a sense, this is a marking point in my life where i evolve, to grow into something that is bigger and greater than my physical self."

track one: "Within the past few years that have gone by, ive come across many different people, all trying to pursue this goal of achieving something greater than themselves, but I have yet to see some real effort in getting closer to it. As for me, i just stay chillen doing my thing and stay focused on my goal"

track two: "Straight up, my ex was actually scared for me to actually achieve something greater than myself, hence the chorus..."

track three: "This where i dove deep into my fears in a sense. With this type of goal in mind, fears from being broke trying to chase my dream to becoming successful and as a result, becoming a martyr of some sort for the causes I'm passionate about."

track four: "This is almost a continuation of the previous track, but more-so reassuring myself that no person, event or thing is ever going change my goal, taking the losses that I've seen and personally experienced and cultivating it into more motivation for the hustle."

track five: "had to get into my feels for this last track lmao... its really about whether this girl is a ride or die for the cause or not..."

Royal Rap:

Cash Yen releases his highly anticipated five track EP titled "The Yen Files". Favorites off the tape include Ina Coupe, Looping, & Dreaming In A Maserati. This is my first time tuning into Cash Yen but it will not be my last, heavy rhyme schemes with great production showcase Cash Yen is an artist to keep your eyes on. Be sure to follow him on SoundCloud and Twitter.

Twitter: @_cashyen @royalrap__

listen to "The Yen Files" below:

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