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Chris Clay - INTERVIEW

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

1. Tell us your producer name and where are you from?

chrisclay. , its just me. Small town in Illinois. Moved to STL when I wanted to really dive into music.

2. What made you start making music?

I got Logic from a producer friend and when I was injured from sports in college I picked it up and starting making beats and never stopped.

3. Who are your influences?

Musically...  Pharrell, Pierre, Chasethemoney, Cardo

4. What is your take on the underground rap scene right now? 

Its cool, theres a lot of artist just following trends and that never last

5. What are your goals for 2019 regarding music? 

Really branding my sound, working closely with a few artist to really create something and not just putting out random records with random artist. 

6. You have 1 person to thank who would it be? 

Shit anyone who’s listened or even just help push my sound.

7. What is your process for making beats ? 

Sit down, play some chords or notes, go from there. I really just like to go into making beats with a direction but open ears.

8. Any upcoming projects or singles fans should be getting ready for? 

I am currently finishing up my first Ep that features artist from St. Louis, Chicago and an artist from LA too. Ive been putting alot of time in to getting everything ready for the release, excited to finally put it out. It should be here early Nov.

9. What is your favorite part about being an artist/musician/rapper? 

finding, building and recreating my sound.

10. What impact do you want to have on the world? 

I want to really influence people to be themselves and find what you enjoy. You can really get up and doing anything if you do it the right way. 

11. What are your ambitions with music is this just a hobby or is this a full blown 24/7 lifestyle your embodying? 

Im going to be apart of some classic records. 

12. Who is your favorite artist in the rap game right now and why? 

That hard for me right now, I have slowed down on the amount of music I listen to that im not apart of but probably Duwap Kaine, the energy, originality and how he stacks his melodies is unique to his sound. 

13. what does the music you create make you feel?

like Purple or Red 

14. why is music so important and dear to your heart ?

It feels so good, like creating something that feels good is self empowering. 

15. Taking this as a passion what works best with you for endeavors you may face (regarding to music)? 

Doing whatever it takes

16. whats your best collaboration experience with other artists ?

Mattywood$ , the sound we are creating has been almost effortless and a few of my other artists we are starting to build that connection. 

17. who does all of your cover art or do you make your own?

Right now its been mainly me, but for my upcoming EP @Kasprim has been going crazy.

18. who do you have the most songs with ?

Probably Mattywood$ or CrashJordy

19. who is one artist you wish to work on music with and why?

Young Nudy, I know we would make some hard records.

20. who is one producer you wish to work with and why?

I really try to keep all the production by me but theres a few producers I would like to tap in with like LordFubu, Chasethemoney, or Pierre but im just focused on working on myself.

do you have any upcoming shows in the next couple months ?

Il be Djing at a halloween show here in ATL this year. 


at the end of the day what does music mean to you ?

Im building my own unique sound thats not just what i’ve heard before or whats trending. Ive put a lot of time into myself. 

Music is just apart of me now.

24. Any live shows or projects you got coming up? 

Like I said before the EP ive been working on will be be out Early November and will feature artist ive worked with throughout the year from St. louis, Chicago, to LA.

25. Where can the people that checked out this interview find you? 

You can find me everywhere @chrisclay__

Follow my spotify and soundcloud, tape coming soon. 


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