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Convolk - Falling Asleep [Prod. DC-130]

Convolk proves that his emphatic new track titled "Falling Asleep" showcases all the avenues as an artist he can go. From speaking Russian at certain points in this track to completely switching up his flow on the hook it showcases the kind of artist he is. That kind of artist is one that is not to be reckoned with...Convolk is one of the best upcoming artists in the underground and has already gained quite a lot of buzz the past couple months. Convolk continues to impress me in all the right ways especially when it came to his mixing for this track. I thought everything sounded really tight for only recording it on skull candy headphones. Again superb job brother and can't wait to see whats next for you in music, be sure to follow Convolk on both Twitter and SoundCloud to keep up to date with his music.

Twitter: @Convolk

listen to "Falling Asleep" below:

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