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  • Vallie

Darrin Jones - In My Dreams

Darrin Jones brings us a new exceptional track titled "In My Dreams". The vivid hook along with clever punchlines in the verses unites with strong production to bring us a ten out of ten track. Darrin Jones has shown with this track what he is capable of in the music scene. I can't wait to see what else he has in store for his fans in the future. I definitely will be in tune for his future releases.

From The Artist:

"Hello, my name is Darrin Jones and I'm an independent artist out of Columbus Georgia. My music is that of a psychedelic, new wave sound that people of all ages and audiences can relate and/or bob their heads to. As of right now I have a few singles and a video I'm pushing from my new EP “To the Moon” - Darrin Jones

Listen to "In My Dreams" below:


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