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DeadEyeShogun - DeadEyeShogun

Artist DeadEyeShogun releases the self titled album "DEAD EYE SHOGUN". This project from start to finish showcases the artistry and lane that artist DeadEyeShogun is progressing in. Each track brings its own flare and style to the overall project. Songs like "Documents" bring that eerie vibe on production from producer officialraggs while DeadEyeShogun blasts off lyrically. Other songs you can smoke to like "Bag" showcase the lyricism that DeadEyeShogun wields. Overall this project really impressed the team over at Royal Rap. We think DeadEyeShogun is heavily slept on, this project will prove to any listener that they can become a fan! Be sure to follow him on SoundCloud and Twitter.

Twitter: @deadeyeshogun @officialraggs

listen to "DeadEyeShogun" below:

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