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Deon Williams - 8:41

The twenty one year old artist Deon Williams truly shines on his track "8:41" where he delves deep into different topics. His new project "Blackout" will be coming out soon! This song "8:41" is really a great way to introduce the artist born and raised in New Orleans but has now relocated to Texas. The song abruptly stops short of two minutes but it showcases what Deon Williams has up his sleeve and showcases how much energy Deon Williams is coming with on future tracks. The project "Blackout" is dropping soon, stay tuned for the entire project as this is highly anticipated and will continue to showcase why Deon Williams is ahead of the curve. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and SoundCloud.

Twitter: @DeonTW9 @royalrap__

listen to the song "8:41" below:

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