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DiAmond Miller - Kirkwood [prod. Jonny Tsunami]

DiAmond Miller brings us the new song titled "Kirkwood" with production help from Jonny Tsunami. This is our first time taking a listen to this artist but we must say DiAmond Miller really impressed us with this one. Overall, DiAmond Miller comes in heavy within seconds rapping bar for bar and showcasing his fast flow. The beat is mad chill but still keeps you bopping back and fourth, DiAmond's voice makes the production even better, i love that he didnt use a lot of effects or autotune on his voice. Instead he went for that raw true original sound and it really is dope, he has a great voice for rap. His flow on this really impressed me overly fast but in a good way that goes extremely well with the beat. I am now a fan of DiAmond Miller and you should take the chance to give this song a listen! Be sure to follow him on Soundcloud and Twitter.

listen to "Kirkwood" below:

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