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Dirtbag Bowmane - Interview 35

1. Tell us your rap name and where are you from?

My name is DirtBag Bowmane and I'm The San fernando Valley.

2. What made you start making music? 

I used to write poetry and write rhymes on my phone in the 8th grade, but my best potna came to me with a laptop and an Idea and it all started from there. 

3. Who are your influences in rap or beyond? 

E-40 and all West Coast music, and a lot of Future and Gucci Mane was in the mix too. I also listen to The Temptations daily.

4. What is your take on the underground rap scene right now? 

I like the underground rap scene right now. there are a lot of people who aren't afraid of having a distinctive style and being as original as possible. I honestly feel like underground rap in underrated.

5. What are your goals for 2019 regarding music? 

I want to start doing more shows and start collaborating with more artists. I want to record 2000 full songs.

6. You have 1 person to thank who would it be? 


7. What is your process for recording music ? 

I either go in right away and record or I sit and listen to the beat on loop for hour. Theres no is in-between.

8. Any upcoming projects or singles fans should be getting ready for? 

Yes, I'm dropping a song every week for the whole year, so expect a lot of music.

9. What is your favorite part about being an artist/musician/rapper? 

The whole creating process from making the beat all the way to recording and engineering, but i would have to say rapping is my favorite. 

10. What impact do you want to have on the world? 

I want to be in the hearts of my fans and have replay value. Also show the world its not always about what you're given, but how you build.

11. What are your ambitions with music is this just a hobby or is this a full blown 24/7 lifestyle your embodying? 

Its a 24/7 life style, I sleep in the studio thats honestly my second home.

12. Who is your favorite artist in the rap game right now and why? 

My favorite artist in the game right now has to be future, I used to bump Future heavy with my brother in 09 and i haven't miss an album or tape since.

13. what does the music you create make you feel?

Like a monsoon with thunderstorms.

14. why is music so important and dear to your heart ?

Ive been creating art since i was 8 years old and it has always been a part of my family.

15. Taking this as a passion what works best with you for endeavors you may face (regarding to music)? 

Staying grounded and staying in the studio.

16. whats your best collaboration experience with another artist or producer?

I collaborated a few a producer named Stuut and we have countless experiences. we were making beats in a random alley in downtown La and made one of my first songs.

17. who does all of your cover art or do you make your own?

I usually make my own but I have outsourced for art once.  

18. who makes most of your beats or production? 

PoP$ and Stuut

19. who is one artist you wish to work on music with and why?

I want to work with a lot of people; 03 Greedo because I feel like we would make a great original song from scratch, All west coast artist. I would also want to work with Gucci Mane and Future.

20. who is one producer you wish to work with and why?

Ron-Ron, Zaytoven, Southside, and TM-88. i feel like we would create so fire ass music.

21 do you have any upcoming shows in the next couple months ?

No I don't but i will be book for a show soon.

22 for people who haven't heard of you what sets you apart from other artists?

I do all my own music, from the vocals to the mastering its all me. 

23 at the end of the day what does music mean to you ?

Music is one of the most important aspects of me. I love to create and record, I just love the process.

24 does your family support you with music?

yes they do.

25 at the end of the day when it comes to music we are in your world when listening to music by you...what type of vibe does your music bring ?

I bring energy and emotion to the listener. i give people great riding vibes.

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