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DRAZI has a new project coming out soon titled "BURN RUBBER"

artist DRAZI has a new project coming out titled "BURN RUBBER". We are very excited for this project to come out, DRAZI has contacted us saying he has been putting final touches on the project. We have an interview that will be coming out with him in a few days so be sure to tune in to that! As of right now below we have two songs by DRAZI that you need to go check out before the release of "BURN RUBBER".

Below you will find two songs by DRAZI each of which have their own unique style. SNIPER is a straight banger while WATER consists of some melodic singing and hard grunge lyrics. DRAZI always impresses with everything that he drops. These two tracks are fire that we have below by him. This is just a lil precursor to what BURN RUBBER will showcase to you...


listen to "WATER & SNIPER" below:



written by @valliemusic

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