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Drazi - Sniper

Drazi brings us the incredible track titled "Sniper" that really is being so slept on. The emphatic track brings amazing energy with a fire beat. Drazi comes through with unique flows and cadences that showcase his unique style. This is my first time ever listening to Drazi, but once he sent me this song i checked out the rest of his Soundcloud that is full of gems and hits. The project #FREEDRAZI is a great 4 song project by Drazi that you also should check out with this track "Sniper". I can promise you that you will be thoroughly impressed by his songs, he really is going to have a huge year as an artist if he continues to stay consistent and releasing tracks like this in the future. Drazi is one our favorite artists coming into 2019, we will have our eyes on his work for years to come. Be sure to follow him on both SoundCloud and Twitter to stay up to date with his music.


listen to "Sniper" below:

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