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Eminencee - Climate

Climate the project by Eminencee showcases the true skills that this artist has for the rap game. Compared to all other projects we have covered by him, everyrtime he drops a new one it becomes our favorite. Yet again he has ceased to impress us with his beautifully crafted project tiled "Climate". Favorite songs off this project by the Royal Rap staff are as follows Ape Blog, Hallelujah, Pull Up, & Letter Of The Day. The artwork for this album goes hand and hand with the project itself. As you can both get the Angel & Devil from Eminencee in this project. Some tracks are darker while others are more light and upbringing. Overall if your a real hip-hop fan, Eminencee will become one of your favorite rappers in no time. Be sure to follow him on SoundCloud and Twitter.

listen to "Climate Change" below:

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