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Eminencee - Elevation

Eminencee drops off yet another project titled "Elevation". The eleven song project showcases not only his talents and skills on the mic. The Houston Texas native was on a roll with this project, songs that stuck out to me were Underrated, Jersey Call, Hall Fame, LA Clippers, Money Bags, & Love Me Not. Eminencee is one of the only artists i see putting out a consistent well fabricated set of projects and singles. Eminencee is one of my favorites when it comes to old school hip hop vibes, but again he can always switch it up and has an incredible storytelling ability. This entire project was recorded at mission control studios in Texas. Be sure to follow Eminencee on both SoundCloud and Twitter. Expect only more hits from this veteran in the game.

Words From Eminencee: "Located in Houston Texas’s really the same process as I do any other project map it out then write the whole project in 4 to 5 days then proof read the movie scripts...then record. Every project will never be the same with this one I really wanted a victory lap type project inspired by Nipsey Hussel just straight motivating feed your spirit and I delivered."

Twitter: [@eminencee2k]@royalrap__

Listen to "Elevation" below:

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