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  • Vallie

Eminencee - Solar Play [Music Video]

" i grew customized, i don't know them other guys"

Eminencee brings us a music video for his old school vibes song titled "Solar Play". This song is really impressive and its one of the best tracks I've heard all week. His lyrics are on point throughout the song making the viewer understand what they're getting into while listening. Non-stop bars throughout the song with a beautiful hook will make you watch the music video over and over again. I also love how the song starts off with Eminencee talking to the viewer before he starts rapping. Once he starts flowing its game over his bars are ten out of ten throughout the song. You have to play the song back a couple times to understand each bar Eminencee spits. This video is dope its simple but the song is more what I'm worried about this is a low-key hit.

watch the entire music video for "Solar Play" below: