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Eminencee - Soulsome

Eminencee releases the new seven song project titled "Soulsome". Each song brings that original sound and style from the one and only Eminencee. Goldfish, Positive Vibes, Height Fear, Marry The Moment, & Kick Push are all songs that really stood out to me. All songs on the projects are very enjoyable and bring that old school hip hop sound from Eminencee. Overall this is the most clean cut and well thought out project by Eminencee in my opinion. I love the amount of tracks he chose and his beat selection. Positive Vibes is really my favorite his flow on that song and the beat just really hit home and bring a full blown vibe. I highly suggest this project to any old school hip hop fan you won't be disappointed! Would love to hear who was the one behind all the production on this project. Be sure to follow Eminencee on Twitter and SoundCloud.

Twitter: @eminencee2k @royalrap__

listen to "Soulsome" below:

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