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  • Vallie

Eminencee - Splash Town Vol. 2

Eminencee brings us the thirteen song project Splash Town Vol. 2. This entire project is on another level and to this day Eminencee showcases that he will be one of the best bar for bar rappers in 2019. Songs like "Incredible Hulk" prove this with plenty of evidence as each bar is complimented with style and a completely different vibe you haven't heard yet. Eminencee proves he is in his own lane and will continue to be. Favorite songs off the tape include Top 5, Not Fair, Liar, Ice Water, &

Conversations. Every track is great but we thought these few surpassed the rest by miles and really showcased where Eminencee can really take his career off into the right direction. This entire project is worth a listen and who knows maybe you will become a fan!

Listen to "Splash Town Vol. 2" Below:


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