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FREE OYET - Interview 47

What’s the meaning behind FREE OYET? And why is it so significant? Oyet is actually my middle name, although to me it stands for ‘Original Yet Ever Truthful’. The ‘Free’ came about when dealing with mental complications when I was younger, making me feel trapped. Would always want to feel free and not have to hold myself down in a box. Growing up, I noticed that it wasn't only a mental game, but a physical and spiritual game as well. Framing the subject of freedom around my name sort of guided me on a path of deliverance. Helping me feel balanced.

Was there an event or memory that sort of set you in stone for this path? I've always had this feeling within me. I was that shy kid that'd never opened his mouth, but had the most complexed thoughts in his head. A couple years back, my mom & I sat down and just started talking about dreams & visions. She started telling me about how she knew I was going to be a pastor or a preacher. Thought about that so heavy, like me...? I was far from perfect, however no one was and told myself I didn't need to be 'perfect' to have a voice.

Regarding being ‘free’, explain how someone that might be going through what you’ve faced can stay strong? Acknowledging that they have control. We all seem to give up & give in whenever we think it's out of our hands. Also being mindful of your mind, body, and spirit.

Where are you from and what’s the music scene around you like? Originally South Dakota, but I've lived in Omaha, Nebraska my whole life. So it's practically home. There's honestly so many different music scenes within Omaha, hence why there's no distinct sound of the city. Although I'm definitely going to pinpoint this movement.

When and what drawn you into creating music? My older brother was heavy into music and the hip-hop culture and that was kind of the first time being presented to the scene. Later on in middle school, I started recording tracks from him & his friends leading me to creating my own. Started creating a buzz from recording these little songs that are cringe-worthy, but at the time were straight hits. In my high-school years, learning and understanding production was my key focus. You would've never seen me walking around without headphones on. Having early Travi$ Scott, Kid Cudi, & Kanye West on repeat learning and studying these sounds that the world has never heard before. It was a true experience. When I say music has saved me... Music has really saved me. To me, the power that a '3-minute song' has was so intriguing to me and knew exactly that's what I wanted to bring to others.

What's an ordinary studio session for you looking like? Candles. Lots of water. Whenever I'm working alone, I'd sit in silence for maybe five minutes just to capture the true essence. Oh, and gummy worms.

During the creating process, what’s a problem you always seem to face? Sort of a problem, sort of not. Every time I'd record something nice, I'd leak and post it on my socials right away. I want to develop the sounds first before anything, but then again my fans enjoy being apart of the process. Gassing me up or giving me advice. So it's no problem with me.

How do you gain creativity and move past writer's block? By never forcing it. The true beauty of your mind comes naturally, so I never feel pressured. I simply move on to another idea or I'd watch a movie. Started listening to jazz & blues to help calm me down.

How would you describe your sound to someone that hasn’t heard your work? Motivating & inspiring. A relatable sense of energy. From pumping it in the gym to facing a heartbreak, there will always be that heart-to-heart connection.

Any tips or advance to young artists wanting to step into the industry? Your vision is your vision. Never let anyone belittle your creations unless they're helping you grow. You should be confident with your path and know whenever your in the wrong. Also everyone fails. Don't shame upon failure, those are lessons filled with knowledge to help you towards the success.

Planning on signing with a record label if had the chance? As of right now, I have no interest in signing. There's a lot for me to learn and staying independently on my path is the way I can really take that in. Want full control over my career.

Where do you visualize taking your music within 5 years? Definitely giving back to communities and supporting youth groups. Taking my knowledge & positivity and passing them down to young artists and creatives. Apart of me wants to branch out to directing visual arts. So without a doubt, that will be coming soon.

If able to collaborate with one artist, dead or alive, who would it be? Kanye or Cudi. That'd bring me so much nostalgia. Being heavily influenced and acknowledging their impact, our vibrations would be incredible.

What songs of yours have you been really proud and confident about? To me, I think Congrats is a banger. When I released it, I had such great feedback. It's one of those timeless hits, where I could play it in a couple years and still get that same energy. Plus it always keeps me pushing.

Around this same time last year, you released Congrats. What has changed and improved since then? Completely everything. I'm coming with a brand new sound, an electrifying sound. Last year, I was still figuring out my energy and working with production. Learned how to really use my voice to its fullest extent and dabbling with deeper messages.

Your song ‘BAD DREAM’ resembles a real nightmare. How did that come about? I was facing a series of nightmares for about a week straight. Every night, I'd wake up and literally question everything. It really felt as if I had no strength within me. In the song, the setting is being narrated by my subconscious. It tells a story of how you could feel invincible until your one source has been neglected.

"Face my fears within these nightmares

I need strength I need you here

You say you're close, but you're not here

You say you're close, but you're not here"

Every single person has that one source that brings them best amounts of energy. It could be God, your love partner, etc. Basically stating we should bring the exact same strength to ourselves at all costs. Times get hard, relationships crumble, but we have the power to keep venturing.

What or who has been the biggest influence on you as a person outside of music? Definitely my mom. She has a riveting story & journey and has been solid through so much. I admire her strength, courage, and wisdom. Thinking of her gives me a reminder to always stay unshakable and think with true intentions.

Family, what does your family think about your career in music? It took some time for it to really sink in for them. Although I knew I couldn't trip about it, this is what I always wanted to do. Managing my career and putting myself into the right position, I've earned there support. There's still some people outside my immediate family that doubt, but I know they've never heard a single song of mine. People on the outside looking in never have a solid opinion.

Talk deeper about that. How do you deal with that?

Someone doubting your vision is just an opinion. There will never be an opinion more important than mine when dealing with my vision. Don't get me wrong, someone might be doubting if you're in the wrong. Just pay attention to the hate if it could help you grow.

What’s been the biggest sacrifice you’ve had to face? Having to let go of some friends. For the sake of focusing on my career, there was a lot of peers that were just around to distract me that I had to disconnect from. That change of environment gave me such a clear mind. I'm able to put my time and energy into things that'll benefit me in the future.

Just like everything, there are many pros & cons. To you, what’re some of them? The only con I could think of is that the people cut loose, might think of it as a negative matter. But if they think that, that's why what happened took place. I was able to spend the time I used going out to parties and such to be creating and establishing my foundation. A lot of pros to mention. Can't forget it gave me mindfulness, allowing myself to put trust into myself.

Top 3 goals/dreams within your career? Always embodied a world tour. It'd be a great experience. Seeing new faces, cultures, and lifestyles. A grammy will be in my future as well. I'd really like to host an event strictly for young artists to give them some insights of the industry and how to become a young successful creator.

What’re you strengths in music? A strength of mine I really capitalize on is the fact that I know how feelings work and how to capture a specific feeling. Manipulating different frequencies can change ones state and I've learned that from studying music from myself and other artists. Another strength I've been mastering since the beginning is my flow and word play. I treat my verses like poems & Bible scriptures. Poems often have strong impactful wording and I tie it in with deliberate messages like the Bible.

Do you play any instruments? If not, what instrument would you like to start learning? I remember I tried to learn the clarinet in elementary school, but stopped because I couldn't read the music sheets to follow along. Me being plugged into different daw softwares, I know my way around the piano. Not much of a pro just yet, but I usually start processing ideas with the piano.

Quality or quantity? You actually can't have one without the other. Dabbling with quality, you spend time going through many fails to get that one just right. So you needed that amount or quantity to get that quality. With quantity, every time we feel good about a product we've created we have the mindset to get another one going. As you keep going, that's where the quality ties in, creating progress. It's an ongoing cycle with both of them bonded together.

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