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GEI$HA - Match My Energy

Geisha brings us his new track titled "Match My Energy" the song is produced by Torrontaye. The track is a relaxed vibe with singing from Geisha that is very inspiring. I love the story content in this song "she don't know the life i live, she don't know the things i did". There are plenty of hard lines throughout this entire the song, the vibe is dark and relaxed with production that compliments his vocals and cadences well throughout the track. Overall the track is a great listen and i even added it to my SoundCloud likes, you should as well! Be sure to follow him on both SoundCloud and Twitter to keep up to date with his music endeavors from here on out. Geisha is an artist i will be coming back to frequently to check up on when it comes to releases. Would love to see a project from him that has this entire vibe throughout it, would be a great listen.

listen to "Match My Energy" below:

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