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GOONIE - Running Out Of Dreams

GOONIE is back with the new album "Running Out Of Dreams". The album is nine tracks and continues to showcase the stardom that is in GOONIE. Each track is unique in its own way, whether its a banger or a more melodic track. GOONIE has a song for every type of rap listener on this project, he continues to showcase his rise in a unique way. He has a plethora of producers he worked with on this project. Notable songs that we enjoyed are "Whats The Word" "KeKe's Interlude" & "Look What I Become". I like the narratives of each song on this project, you can tell how special this project is to GOONIE. Be sure to follow him on SoundCloud and Twitter.

Twitter: @Gooniexxx @RoyalRap__

Listen to "Running Out Of Dreams" below:

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