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Grander - Passaic Lots [demo]

Grander is a band from New Jersey that has a very unique sound that caters to a large demographic. Pairing and blending multiple genre's together they have been able to stay in their own lane after emerging onto the scene. With multiple shows under their belt and more music on the way from them, the sky is the limit when it comes to Grander. The band can be found playing shows at various venues this summer in New Jersey & Pennsylvania. I was able to attend there show at Cornchella in Artemas, PA. They put on a wonderful set and really bring a raw sound that anyone can appreciate. "Passaic Lots" is a journey through the brilliant minds that make up the band Grander. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and SoundCloud.

Twitter: @Grander

Listen to "Passaic Lots" below:

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