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Groovy Hoovy - Game Boy [Music Video]

Groovy Hoovy comes out with the music video for his song "Game Boy". This is my first time ever hearing of this artist, the music video is very interesting and definitely kept my attention the whole time. I liked the entire thing honestly it was really different and showcased a completely different vibe of rap that i have not really tuned into. Overall this song was good the mix and master on it is solid and I'm left wondering if Groovy Hoovy made the beat as well. This track will bring about a certain vibe to the listener, the music video is well shot and i like the raps and flows Groovy Hoovy comes with throughout this song. His flow is different in a good way, switches up cadences the hook is catchy and this song leaves me wanting more from this artist. Be sure to follow him on both SoundCloud and Twitter. Subscribe to his youtube channel below and give his video a like!

watch the music video for "Game Boy" below:

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