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guccihighwaters - i'm so sick of this


im so sick of this


after hearing this track a couple days ago i can't get it out of my head! A very catchy dark emotional song that truly can put anyone in the same mood as guccihighwaters when he made this song. He truly knows how to capture emotion in his music after listening to his entire soundcloud. guccihighwaters is a artist who has a considerable amount of music on SoundCloud that you really should check out. I first heard of him through patrickcctv's youtube channel and wanted to check him out. this song goes above and beyond with very catchy lyrics and a vibe that is truly dark and mysterious. guccihighwaters is set for an incredible year with more releases coming soon enough in 2019. Be sure to follow guccihighwaters on both soundcloud and twitter to keep up to date with his music.


listen to "im so sick of this" below:

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