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HandMeDown Smyles - They Watching Ft. HandMeDown Jack

HandMeDown Smyles

"They Watching"

HandMeDown Jack


HandMeDown Smyles & Jack bring us the chill vibe off this track titled "They Watching". This song really impressed me, i love the production and the vocals just really wrap everything together nice. I like the effects used on both artists voices, its different and distinct. As for these two i will have my eyes on them for the entire year, i'm hoping to possibly hear a full blown project between the two. The artwork is by carter lewis and i really like what he did with it. I also need to showcase the producer as he really came through with an amazing beat. The track is produced by nays, but i love the overall vibe he was able to bring to the song. Both verses are great with delivery and bars with ease. Be sure to give them both a follow on twitter and soundcloud for future music endeavors. I will continue to watch and keep you guys updated on more music from them in the future.


listen to "they watching" below:

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