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ItsTroy & Q.Mac - Light Years [EP]

ItsTroy & Q.Mac bring us the EP titled "Light Years". This project combines a blend of different rap songs all in one for the listener. Overall this project is really good and i can't wait to play some of these songs in my whip!! From the production to the flows both ItsTroy and Q.Mac spit throughout the project i was very impressed. I will definitely tune in for more music by each artist and the producers in the future. Producers on the project include RXNEY, Ricci, pilgrim, kidkeva, fanguin, Banbwoi, C Fre$hco, RolandJoeC. Each producer brings a certain vibe and some even host two producers collaborating on beats which showcases the skills that were involved in these productions. My favorite songs off the project are Weight, Gemstone, DeRozan, THIS SHIT SUX! Pt. 1. These songs stood out to me as hits any listener will definitely enjoy these ones I highlighted. The rest are solid but these just happened to be my favorites as far as the flows and production. Be sure to follow ItsTroy & Don.Q on both Twitter and SoundCloud.

Twitter: @LookitsTroy @TheRealYungRitz

listen to the "Light Years" EP below:

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