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J TrillFiger - JT

He goes by j trillfiger and he has been putting out music for about 5 years, he recently started producing about 2 years ago. when he produces he goes by another name, “lil dragscope”  this ep, “JT” and my album, “me and my lonesome” that came out last november, was produced by him as well. this ep took him about a year on and off, to make. ”JT” is available on all platforms.

"This in my opinion is some of best music i’ve ever made, and even better music is on the way."

J Trillfiger brings us a collection of various sounds produced and vocalized by him. The five song project features an array of different sounds that come to life with J Trillfiger's voice. He is truly at his peak right now when it comes to music, every song i heard off this project was amazing. I highly suggest this to anyone who is into rap,hip-hop,rnb. Please be sure to follow him on both Twitter and SoundCloud.

listen to "JT" below:

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