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Jake Monteiro - Velocity

Jake Monteiro - Velocity

Prod. Martian

His name is Jake Monteiro, a 21 year old college student who previously attended ASU, whom finished with Online schooling. He was born in California and moved to Arizona 12 years ago and has been there ever since. Since he was young he has been running around the house singing every song possible, Monteiro loved instruments playing the saxophone in middle school, and learned the drums on a set he got for Christmas from his parents.

Finally Jake decided it was time to do something with the voice/talent he had , and decided to start writing his own music. Over the past couple of months he has released a couple singles with other artists, and Velocity (Prod. Martian) being his best in his opinion. He started to get the recognition from friends, family, and random people. It is his absolute dream to take his music career to another level and impact people on a way it helps with their daily lives. Helping people has always been his number one priority in life and when others are doing good, it makes him feel better. The song Velocity to him is about his life and feeling like he's always been one step ahead of everybody else in life. Whether it’s mentally physically spiritually, Monteiro is always one step ahead. Although now being 21 now, he feels mentally 25 compared to the people around him. He has learned to focus on himself and pursue his dreams and not let anybody just hop on along for the ride with him.

"Velocity, is a reminder not only to my self that I don’t need anybody, and for others that when they feel they need somebody, to remind them they can do it on their own." - Jake Monteiro

Jake Monteiro comes through strong with his latest offering titled "Velocity". With hard hitting production from Martian, Jake showcases raps and cadences in a unique style. Jake is on my list of up and coming artists to watch, I believe with the right tools and help Jake can truly become a star in the next couple months if executed properly.

Listen to Velocity below:

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