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Jameson Winter & Midwest Jake - Action Jackson

"The song "Action Jackson" is part of a long overdue collab tape I put out with Midwest Jake a long time ago with a friend of mine from my hometown. He's one of the reasons why I started rapping in the first place. The songs got a real hype-newer age sound to it while maintaining bars and punchlines. I feel like it’s really the kind of song any fan of hip hop can vibe to. The whole “Bonkers” tape is full of hits and can be found on my SoundCloud." - Jameson Winter

Jameson Winter and Midwest Jake link up for the single titled "Action Jackson" off of the "Bonkers" project. Be sure to follow both artists on Soundcloud and Twitter to keep up to date with future music by both Wisconsin artists.  

Listen to "Action Jackson" below:

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