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Jay Musa - Sad Boy

Jay Musa delivers with skill and expertise off this this new five song project titled "Sad Boy". Each song brings a unique vibe. Any listener can be sure that they will find at least one song off this album that they will thoroughly enjoy to the max. Overall this project was great and i hope to hear more music from Jay Musa in the coming weeks. My favorite songs were Woah, Sad Boy, & a l o n e. Overall my favorite favorite song has to be a l o n e, i can truly relate to this one. I love the slow vibe and the way he brings out his vocals in this track. He didnt over do it with the auto tune its actually the perfect amount! I've always been a big fan of lofi/trap music and "alone" really brings both those together very well with added vocals. Jay Musa is an artist to watch out for in 2019 for sure. He showcases his unique skill set on this project to maximum benefit. I hope you will be able to enjoy this project as much as i did. Be sure to follow Jay Musa on twitter and soundcloud.

Twitter: @offjaymusa

listen to "sad boy" below:

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