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JayRahx - Break The Simulation Pt. 1

JayRah comes through with a song seven project titled "Break The Simulation Pt. 1". The project is solid where each song has its own story that ties to "Breaking The Simulation". Every song has a lot of energy and he really brings the bars in each track. I love his beat selection for the entire project as well, he has a great ear for production and his flows match very well with the beats he chose. JayRah has always impressed me but this project really brings it next level. Songs that stand out to me off this project are Swag Me Out!, Man On Top, Ape Shiet, & Let Me Speak. These songs really hit home for me from wordplay to his choice on production. I hope everyone can enjoy this project as much as i did after giving it a full listen. Be sure to follow him on on Twitter for future music updates.

listen to "Break The Simulation Pt. 1" Below:

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