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Jillian Nadeau - DEVIL Ft. und fuego [prod. WONE]

Jillian Nadeau & ynd fuego are back once again on the Royal Rap website for the new track titled "Devil". This time they had help from producer WONE who came through on the production side of things. Jillian Nadeau brings us her beautiful unique voice that matches well with fuegos flow on his verse. Jillian has a great way of demonstrating her singing abilities in a way where it not only sounds different but gives the listener a bonding experience through meaningful lyrics and story telling. ynd fuego lays another precision well timed out verse that brings this song to the next level. I would love to see a joint project by these two in the near future as their styles bounce off one another in a great way. Be sure to follow both them on SoundCloud and Twitter for future music endeavors. I don't think this is the last time we will hear from Jillian Nadeau or ynd fuego.

Twitter: @eternaljill feat. @yndfuego 

listen to "Devil" below:

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