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Jordan Sage - Berserk

Berserk the twenty two song album by Jordan Sage will bring you into a different dimension. From raps to production Jordan is clearly on his way to the top. The artist doesn't cease to impress me with standout tracks throughout the album. Berserk is something that you truly need to hear.

From The Artist: Berserk is a combination of anger,sorrow,happiness and depression;you can tell when I’m rapping that I am truely trying to paint a picture and tell everyone  exactly what is going through my mind.With some Hard hitting songs and crazy features you can tell that I put my all into this tape I have more content coming a music video in the works! this is all-round good soild tape is Follow my twitter @Lost_va_boy and my instagram @yungjxrdvnsvge.

Listen to the entire project Berserk below:

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