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Jordan Taylor - Nowadays

Jordan Taylor brings us his new song titled "Nowadays" the heartfelt track will make you think about who you keep around you. Taylor brings this song to life from start to finish with great production by Blackmayo. The song was also mixed and mastered by @alo42069. Jordan Taylor gives us a detailed description of the song below. Be sure to follow all three artists who helped out with this track on both Twitter and SoundCloud.

From The Artist:

“Nowadays” I wrote with a heavy heart.  I’ve had a lot of friends n loved ones come and go either by choice or cause they’ve been taken away from me . Had people that I’ve known 10 years lie on me, cross me, play me etc.. so that’s kinda the whole plot behind the song but the reason I chose to drop it first when I have a handful just waiting to be released was because all those situations I been through with all that made me grind harder and got me where I’m at. Almost like a relief off my shoulders and fresh start all on my own and I’m ok doing it alone I didn’t need that fake love ! The bigger and better me chapter starts now ! 

Listen to "Nowadays" below:

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