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Jux Bravo - Troopa

Jux Bravo (@juxbravo) gives us his new song titled “Troopa”. The wild song will leave you wanting more by the end. Jux Bravo does an excellent job on the vocals showcasing exactly why he's at where he is with his career. His vocals are a match of singing with rapping, maneuvering his goals throughout the song while smoking and drinking. See what happens throughout the song “Troopa” while he rides around with his team. Yung Jx$ph did a great job on the production for this track, I recommend this track for anyone trying to find some new music to enjoy. The hook off this song Is truly infectious to the ears. Jux Bravo will continue to be making waves for the coming months into twenty nineteen. Be sure to follow Jux Bravo on Twitter and SoundCloud.

Listen to the entire song “Troopa” below:

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