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K!NG: Backstabber Ft. HB

K!NG is back on Royal Rap again with his new song Backstabber featuring HB. The banger is produced by XTRAVULOUS, HB brings a great add on to this song. K!NG displays he is only getting better with his raps with every track he drops. The hook in this song is infectious to the ears, it brings the best out in the song. This is only just the beginning for K!NG and HB expect more from them in the future. K!NG let me know that him and HB (@hunterbennett_) have a EP in the works titled “Dark City Dreams”. I am very excited to hear this upcoming project!

Be sure to follow all the artists who are involved in this song. Listen to the song Backstabber below!

K!NG: @bking782

HB: @hunterbennett_

XTRAVULOUS: @xtravulous

Mixed/Mastered: @Kardehier @hunterbennett_

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