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  • Vallie

K-Nova - My Jeans [prod. NXS]


"My Jeans"

[Prod. NXS]


K-Nova brings us the new exciting track titled "My Jeans". The song takes you through the mind of K-Nova in which he brings a crazy amount of energy. His vocals are clean and bars are top notch showcasing his talent as an artist. Money & Dreams are the main topics we see with change ups on other things. NXS does an excellent job with production on this track showcasing his skills as a producer. The mixing of K-Nova's vocals could use some fine tuning, but overall i really loved this track from start to finish and hope to hear more from K-Nova in the future. Be sure to follow him on soundcloud and twitter we will keep an eye out for more music from him in the future.


Twitter: @KieanVeach1

Listen to "My Jeans" below:

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