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Kareem - Progression [EP]

Kareem grew up in Washington DC and has been making music since he was 11 years old. Now 20 going on 21 he continues to progress with his music.  Kareem has an excellent story telling ability and each song represents real time his life. We should touch on how catchy and clever his wordplay is as well. The main engineer for this EP was @imtrayy_. The mixes are clean for all of the tracks on the EP. Favorite tracks on this EP were "flip", "coupe", & "100 blunts". All tracks are vital to the project overall though and are a good listen.

"I name the project progression because I felt as though Ive progressed with my music and became better at my craft so I dropped an EP to showcase that. I rap about real life experiences and things I been through and I just try my best to have fun with it." - Kareem

Be sure to follow Kareem on Twitter and SoundCloud.

Twitter: @_kareem4 @imtrayy_

listen to "Progression" below:

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