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Karter Kruger - Spice Gold

Karter Krueger is back on Royal Rap with his latest track titled "Spice Gold". The stellar track can be found below and is produced by SAKI. This hard hitting track will leave you wanting more from Krueger. The artist has plenty of other songs including this one you can check out on his soundcloud below.

From The Artist:

Spice Gold is a song that I made after a night of listening to Kid Trunks. I thought at first it was just a throw away but after a couple days I thought it was kinda hard, so I decided to post it. I also think it's important to add I do NOT smoke Spice or K2 or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. The song is basically almost all about drugs. (Lmao I recorded it totally sober too because I'm on probation) And at the time of posting it I had just watched a documentary about how the shit is destroying different parts of the world. So I was just like fuck it name it after that. I remember when Spice Gold was a super popular blend, I was like 11, and I saw what it did to people in the long run while I was growing up. Please don't even try that shit. 

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