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KIN - Focus

Charlotte native KIN drops off a banger titled "Focus". We have dealt with KIN in the past on previous songs by him like "No Pressure". After hearing this song focus though this is my favorite song by him definitely. The banger starts off very relaxed with some dope anime samples playing, then KIN comes out of nowhere and starts going crazy bar for bar. right when he says KOE bout to get tatted and the beat drops that shit is insane. KIN has a talent of showcasing he can do different genres within rap FOCUS, NO PRESSURE, and his RnB track titled Summertime. All showcase his skills as a musical artist, to not be categorized in just one lane or category. At the end of the day KIN is very versatile and this is his best song yet, more stuff like this in 2019 and he will have a great year!

listen to "focus" below:

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