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Landeaux - WY:WM (prod. pilgrim)

Artist Landeaux links up with producer pilgrim to bring us the song "WY:WM". The song features an excellent hook that goes into mellow verses with somber light vibes that will have anyone asking who this artist is. Landeaux blew me away with this track when i first heard it on twitter, I will be on the lookout for future releases from this artist. I'm excited to see where he can go off this song he has a great voice and tremendous potential. Lets also give thanks to producer pilgrim who came through with some stellar production for this song that goes well will Landeaux vocals.

From The Artist:

"My name is Landeaux and I’m an Artist currently based out of Raleigh, NC. I would describe my music as a healthy blend of silky vocal layers, thoughtful songwriting mixed with elements of Hip Hop, Pop and R&B. I’m very excited about this track, as well as my future projects because I believe my unique genre-bending sound is refreshing when things have started to sound the same.

This song’s title is “WY:WM” and is about a cycle of misuse in a casual relationship where feelings are unrequited and has devolved into pure lust and resent. It’s about how even though it’s wearing you down, you still go to back and forth to maintain the shreds of the relationship, even when it’s no longer healthy or even fulfilling at all." - Landeaux

Listen to WY:WM here:

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