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  • Vallie

Lil Tubby - Shitfaced (This Way)

Lil Tubby brings us his new song Shitfaced (This Way). Be sure to give it a listen twice and enjoy the good vibes Lil Tubby brings to the table while flowing.

From The Artist:

"I'm an Minnesota hippie artist that goes by the name of Lil Tubby, 23 years old. I make music to express myself and enjoy creating vibes. "Spacefish" is my music title/brand/fan base. You can follow me on Twitter @liltubby60 and on Instagram also @Dreadlocrasta along with my partner @Jack.Manning12720. I made this song for a lighter good vibes mood. I made it because I wanted to be happier and I hope it makes your day a little better. Spacefishforever." - Lil Tubby

Listen to the entire song below:


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